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Chemmeen Molee 
Prawn cooked with fresh green chilly, curry leaves, fresh coconut milk, ginger and garlic.
Prawn Curry 
A south Indian prawn curry with roasted masala, tamarind pulp, coconut and herbs.
Fish Curry 
Spanish mackerel cooked with roasted masala, shallot, onion, tamarind and fresh coconut milk.
Spices Fish Curry (for hot food lovers) 
Kerala style dish cooked with red onion, garnished with mustard seeds, ginger and red chilli.


Butter Chicken 
Fresh Roma tomato puree mixed with exotic herbs, fresh ghee, tandoori chicken tikkka and cream.
Roasted Masala Chicken Delicacy 
Fresh roasted masala, coconut cooked with tomato onion and shallot gravy.
Mango Chicken 
A sweet & sour chicken curry cooked with ripe mango.
Chicken Coconut Stew 
Chicken cooked in fresh coconut milk and green herbs.
Chicken Tikka Masala 
Tender pieces of tandoori chicken sauted in onion, capsicum & green herbs.
Kadai Chicken 
Chicken cooked in fresh tomato with special masala, fresh coriander leaves, fenugreek leaves, capsicum optional.

Tandoori Chicken                                                                                                                                                                       Tender Chicken marinated with herbs and cooked in tandoor oven.

Half$9.00  Full$15.00


Lamb Dakshini 
A special south Indian lamb korma consist of freshly ground coconut, green herbs and yoghurt.
Lamb Palak 
Lamb cooked with spinach and special masala.
Roasted Masala Lamb Curry 
Lamb cooked with freshly made masala gravy.
Lamb Rogan Josh 
Tender lamb curry cooked with kashmiri herbs & asafoetida.


Beef Curry Chef's Style 
Roasted pepper, coconut, masala with chef’s special gravy.
Beef Vindaloo 
Vindaloo gravy consist of tamarind fresh roasted masala gravy.
Chilly Beef Fry 
Beef sauteed in dry special masala tempered with condiments.


Lamb Biriyani 
Basmathi rice cooked in meatstock along with classical masala in air tight pot.
Chicken Biriyani 
Basmathi rice cooked in chicken stock along with classical chicken masala in air tight pot.
Plain Rice $1.50 


Lentil of the Day 
Lentil cooked chef’s style.
Palak Paneer 
Paneer with finely chopped spinach leaves, special roasted masala, ghee, optional black salt and mustard oil.
Veg. Khorma 
Green herb special gravy with coconut.
Baingan Bartha 
Tandoor roasted eggplant with special masala.
Aloo Gobi Mutter Masala 
Potato cauliflower and peas cooked in a mild gravy.
Paneer Makhani 
Cottage cheese cooked in rich tomato gravy.
Okra Pachadi 
Okra cooked with yoghurt gravy flavoured with mustard seed.
Vegetable Stew 
Seasonal vegetable cooked in coconut cream and green herbs.

Malai Kofta
Cottage cheese mixed with vegetable fried and cooked in creamy gravy.