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Paneer & Vegetable Relish(2pcs) 
Mixture of vegetable and paneer patties.
Thayir Vada(2pcs) 
Finely ground black gram dhal fresh herbs dumpling soaked in quality yoghurt.
Vegetable Samosa (2pcs) 
Roasted condiments mixed with vegetables & green herbs filled in a special pastry.
Onion Pakhora 
Onion chick peas flour, ginger, mixed spice made into round shape and fried.
Pappadi Chaat 
Mixture of crispy savory prepared by chef’s recipe.
Sauteed shredded vegtables, wrapped in pastry and fried. Served with mint chutney.

Non Vegetarian

Tandoori Mint Lamb Chop(3pcs) 
Marinated lamb chops with mint yoghurt, special spices cooked in tandoor oven.
Tandoori Chicken Tikka(3pcs) 
Juicy boneless fillets of chicken marinated in spices and yoghurt cooked in tandoor oven.
Mixed Plater 
Combination of king prawns, foogath, chicken kebab.
Chicken Kebab (4pcs) 
Chicken mince with fresh green herbs on skewer cooked in tandoor oven.
Lamb Samosa (2pcs) 
Lamb mince and potato mint filled in a special pastry and fried.